Monday, March 15, 2010

Kuwait Traffic Week

World over it is a common human tendency for any driver – and I think this cuts across the genders, so no sexist bias here – to blame the other driver in case of an accident or skirmish. So one would have thought that along the lines of ‘Charity begins at home’, the regulators or authorities in all their campaigns would advise their citizens to improve their road manners and drive with the utmost regard for traffic rules.

However, the Middle East is different!

Kuwait, along with the five other GCC nations, is this week observing a Traffic week to generate awareness about Traffic safety among the citizens and residents. And guess what the slogan for this campaign is?

It is : Be aware of others’ mistakes!

Yeah, we are all indeed aware of the Other’s mistakes! We do not need any motivation to accept that dictum or be reminded about it!